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So I'm sitting here on Wormie's laptop watching her play Persona 4, looking at pics of all her hot online friends in a fun stalker way and listening to her sex playlist that has degenerated from sexy songs into breathy moans put to music. She wanted me to update. So...

Life is, as usual, something to be ignored in favour of roleplaying, reading and day dreaming. The only thing missing is the partying but that unfortunately falls to the way side with attacks of social phobia.

Yay back to music!

Good news is I have signed my lease for another year so YAY I'm not moving. Thank god. Now if only my flatmate's girlfriend would stop moaning so loudly. It's...distracting...

Also my brother's girlfriend is coming to Aus in December! Excitement.

Oh oh oh and International Talk Like A Pirate Day is next Sat (the 19th)! Hmm really should get around to texting people bout that.


I am alive. Just not sure how I feel about that.


</random crap>
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