September 12th, 2009

(public) BOO!
mood: indescribable

So I'm sitting here on Wormie's laptop watching her play Persona 4, looking at pics of all her hot online friends in a fun stalker way and listening to her sex playlist that has degenerated from sexy songs into breathy moans put to music. She wanted me to update. So...

Life is, as usual, something to be ignored in favour of roleplaying, reading and day dreaming. The only thing missing is the partying but that unfortunately falls to the way side with attacks of social phobia.

Yay back to music!

Good news is I have signed my lease for another year so YAY I'm not moving. Thank god. Now if only my flatmate's girlfriend would stop moaning so loudly. It's...distracting...

Also my brother's girlfriend is coming to Aus in December! Excitement.

Oh oh oh and International Talk Like A Pirate Day is next Sat (the 19th)! Hmm really should get around to texting people bout that.


I am alive. Just not sure how I feel about that.


</random crap>

so tied up you don't know how she came

June 12th, 2009

(public) Cos I Can
mood: amused

Urban Dictionary Meme

Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the most amusing definition it gives you.

1. Your name: Danielle is synonymous with Tardy i;e, NEVER EVER, ever on time generally DST (Danielle Standard Time) run's within a 3 hour conversion =/- ( due at 2 pm will not arrive prior to 2:30 PM but usually by 5PM or somewhere in between)
(yeah so my first name turned up zilch)

2. Your age: 22 (noun), 22ing (verb)- The act of sitting on another man (face to face) while both participants attempt to defecate into a toilet. Similar to the 33, where one or both participants have erections during the act of 22ing.

3. One of your friends: A girl who is a master of all sexual activities involving the penis. Considered to be a penis genius. One who is consider an expert with the cock, or a cockspert. (guess who)

4. What should you be doing? Working: A term to describe the tedious and boring indentured servitude that most people are forced to endure to get money. Generally, not a pleasant experience.

5. Your favourite colour: Purple: That real good shit you dont smoke with anybody but the crew.

6. Your birthplace: A town in Australia that is very boring and quite a hole, nearly as bad as the near by Bowraville
"This town is such a Macksville"

7. Last person you talked to: The exclusive #500th Pokemon made for Pokemon: Jesus Editon. You have to accept Jesus as your savior to unlock Tristan, who is located in Jerusalem. You can only catch Tristan with a Jew Ball, which is recieved when you defeat the Muslim Infidels, earlier in the crusade. Tristan is level 95, making him the strongest Pope in the game.

8. Last thing you had to drink: Coffee: Nectar of the gods.
In the beginning God created light the universe, then said "let there be coffee so we can all keep going" then after his twelfth cup he wrote the Bible and a short autobiography that was lost in 3 billion BC.

9. Your nickname: A religion, formed on the 19th of June, 2004, by three very bored teenagers, in the north east of england. Supporters of Heebie Jeebie, and the like. Very big fans of rock music.
"what religion are you part of?" "moony."

(1) so tied up you don't know how she came

January 24th, 2009

(public) LOL

Your result for Are you a vampire, werewolf or necromancer? quiz...

The Werewolf

Howl at the Moon

Think this makes you a monster? Try again. It only means you can become a monster if you let yourself. So you're a bit furry on the inside, that just makes you cuddly, well, when its not your time of the month. Hey. Don't bare those teeth at me!

Take Are you a vampire, werewolf or necromancer? quiz
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so tied up you don't know how she came

January 24th, 2009

(public) Mrow?

Your result for The Which Lolcat Are You? Test...

Ceiling Cat

49% Affectionate, 41% Excitable, 36% Hungry

You are a master of stealth. They never see you coming. But you always see them coming. HEY-O!

To see all possible results, checka dis.

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so tied up you don't know how she came

January 24th, 2009

(public) Colour me shocked...

Your result for The Sorting Hat Test...


You scored 37% Order/Chaos, and 19% Moral/Rational

Chaotic Rationality. You don't think much of rules and restrictions; you look at things from an analytical perspective and probably think morality is relative to some extent. Your strength lies in being able to make your own judgments and form your own strategies uninhibited by others; your weakness lies in the wariness other people may have of you, perceiving you as dangerous.

You join people like Theodore Nott, Severus Snape, and Horace Slughorn.

The 4-grid I used to determine this is as follows:

Chaotic Orderly
Moral Gryffindor Hufflepuff
Rational Slytherin Ravenclaw

Take The Sorting Hat Test
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But really this quiz is actually quite inmteresting...
so tied up you don't know how she came